Faith Van Horne


Faith Van Horne's first experience with the publishing industry was as a writer. A few of her short stories have appeared both in print and online publications. On the other side of the publishing equation, Faith worked for three years as a content editor for a New York Times bestselling epublisher. The first step in the process was reading submissions from the "slush pile", the database of unsolicited manuscripts that every writer knows (and dreads) so well. If a manuscript from "slush" met the standards of the publisher, which happened in less than 5% of cases, she would extend an offer of publication. Then she would work with the author on honing the story. While Faith edits and enjoys romance, she especially loves straight-up science fiction, fantasy, and mysteries with little or no romantic element. She's happy to work in all areas of fiction, as well as memoir. She loves working with newer writers, helping them to find their voice and sharpen their craft. 

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