Faith Van Horne


All services use the Chicago Manual of Style as a basis.

Content Editing: This level of editing covers all aspects of your fiction project to make it as appealing and salable as possible. These include plot, characterization, pacing, and continuity. Content editing includes copy editing for grammatical and typographical errors. Optionally, I can also work with you to craft a blurb that's dynamic and intriguing, to draw in the maximum number of potential readers. Price is determined on a project by project basis, depending on the required level of editing to make the work the best it can be. Rates begin at $.02/word for two rounds of edits.

Copy editing: This level of editing corrects grammatical and typographical errors. It is available for both fiction and nonfiction projects. Price is determined on a per project basis, depending on the level of editing needed. Rates begin at $.007/word for one round of edits.

Formatting: This includes formatting your novel or short story collection for Kindle or Smashwords, including a linked Table of Contents, and providing the appropriate file for each. The price for standalone formatting is $35 for either Kindle or Smashwords, or $65 for both. You can also select formatting as an add-on to editing services. If I'm also editing your book, the cost for formatting is an additional $25 for either Smashwords or Kindle, or $40 for both.

How to Hire

Email approximately the first 1,000 words of your project. For works 6,000 words or fewer, send the first 15%. I will send you back my edits and, for content editing, project notes based on this sample, along with a price quote. If you'd like to then proceed with a full edit, we will negotiate a time frame to complete edits and for you to send future rounds of edits, if necessary. Then we will sign a contract and get started.